Joining the project

Jul 27, 2016 at 9:21 AM
Hey Rudolf,

Thank-you so much for creating this tool; really appreciate it; it's made tidying up our neglected test environments much easier.

Would it be possible for me to join this project as a developer? There's a few ideas I'd like to see implemented (and as the project's not been updated since 2009 I suspect you're no longer actively working on it?).

Ideas I'm hoping to add:
  • Checkboxes on the report for "Show Matching", "Show A not B" and "Show B not A"; i.e. thus giving 7 different views of the data; 8 if you include where none are checked).
  • I think there's a bug with the ReceiveLocation Start and End date validation; my environments match in the BT Admin Console, but not in the tool; I've not yet investigated the issue in the code, but hope to find and resolve (assuming it's not some odd corruption in my own environment).
  • Add the option to ignore schedule dates when they're not enabled.
  • Add automated fixes; not yet sure what this would look like; maybe generate a powershell script to amend B to look like A, with options for "add only", "remove only", "full sync", "selected items only"; with the script being generated as a ps1 file so the end user can tweak before running should they wish.
  • A command line mode, so the comparison can be setup as a scheduled task, alerting on any differences at the end of each week to ensure no differences creep in unnoticed.
I'm not always great at finding time to work on these things, so not certain I'll get all of the above done, but should at least be able to make a start / will only check items in once the features are complete and tested.

Happy to email you amendments directly if you'd prefer not to give access to the project, or to fork it and work on that copy if you'd prefer me to take one of those approaches?

Thank-you in advance,

Jul 27, 2016 at 10:31 AM
ps. please ignore the comment about a bug; it seems that the BTAdmin console displays a different start date to what's being held.
Using WMI I was able to see the same value you're seeing; and

$ReceiveLocation = Get-WmiObject MSBTS_ReceiveLocation -Namespace 'root\MicrosoftBizTalkServer' -ComputerName 'myBTServerName' -Filter "Name = 'myOutOfSyncReceiveLocationName'"
$ReceiveLocation.SrvWinStartDT #shows the invalid start date: 20140716000000.000000+060
$ReceiveLocation.SrvWinStartDT.GetType() #confirms that this is a string
$ReceiveLocation.SrvWinStartDT = '20130619000000.000000+060' #set the value to what we have in the other environment
$ReceiveLocation.Put() #persist the changes in BT